Excerpt from a brochure for
P&H Mining Equipment

Ted Schaar freelance business writer

Planning For The Lowest Cost Per Ton

First you need the right opportunity and team, then you need the right mining equipment and support.

Before making a recommendation, our highly experienced applications engineers perform a thorough review of your mining challenges and objectives.

The best product for your needs might be a new, high-technology 4100XPB electric shovel featuring the latest mechanical and metallurgical advances and a memory full of smart enhancements, or it might be a P&H dragline, blasthole drill, bucket, dipper, or productivity-improving modernization.

Maybe a rebuilt used machine, a maintenance contract, an allied product, genuine P&H parts, or training would be most beneficial. (See opposite side.)

Our painstaking application analysis assures you receive what you need to achieve the lowest cost per ton...

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