Ted Schaar freelance business writer


Excerpt from an employee
for General Electric Medical Systems


The first thing you should know about ionizing radiation is that exposure to it at low levels is a part of everyday life. Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas, is found nearly everywhere.

X-rays taken by physicians and dentists are also common sources of exposure.

General Electric Medical Systems (GEMS) designs and manufactures X-ray machines, Computed Tomography (CT or CAT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) equipment, and other products that use ionizing radiation to assist medical personnel in diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

Although the controlled use of ionizing radiation is widespread and highly beneficial, employees may regard its potential for harm too casually. Most exposures are harmless, but above certain levels ionizing radiation can be hazardous to health.

The purpose of this handbook is to increase your knowledge of ionizing radiation and to help you develop safe work habits. When working with ionizing radiation technology, you are the person most responsible for your safety...

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