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About Ted Schaar


Welcome to the MATC Annual Report, Working Knowledge—a title that describes what students acquire and what faculty members bring to the classroom to make it possible. Providing readers with a working knowledge of this great institution is another important meaning. Ahead you will find facts and news about MATC as well as the personal impressions of alumni, faculty, and staff.

The cover of the report features the names of MATC's many programs. Please take a close look and think about all the ways MATC graduates have helped you and your family. If you've had new lenses ground, hired a surveyor, or benefited from hundreds of other specialized tasks, chances are an MATC graduate was on the job, applying his or her working knowledge to make your life a little easier.

More than 93% of MATC's 1998-1999 graduates found jobs within six months, 75% work in their fields, and 98% are employed by Wisconsin organizations. Some of the thousands of enterprises that depend on the working knowledge of MATC graduates are listed in the ribbon of employers that winds through the report like a river of opportunity.

On many of the following pages you will see references to the Internet and other digital technologies. As a technical college, MATC is in an excellent position to take advantage of technology, both internally and externally.

Online instruction is MATC's fastest growing distance-education medium and has the potential to attract students from around the world. Working knowledge, long of great importance to the Milwaukee area and Wisconsin, is becoming a global benefit. Enjoy your time with our report, and thank you for your willingness to learn more about MATC...

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